Types of Edison filament bulbs

The Edison bulb is an object that recreates the industrial age bringing color and design reminiscent of those years. The industrial component has become over time a symbol vintage style becoming part of retro Industrial Interiorismos . Several models of vintage filament bulbs or bulbs Edison also called , in honor of inventor Thomas Alva Edison incandescent bulb such carbon filament .

What are incandescent bulbs ?

An incandescent lamp comprising a conductive filament that is inside of a glass bulb which has become empty . The filament is connected to the lamp base , so that when we go get current light.

Here you will find different models of Edison filament bulbs on the market .

ST64 64mm diameter and 140 mm length


58mm diameter 130 mm Length


Diameter 60mm Length 140mm


Diameter 30 mm Length 185 mm


Diameter 55mm Length 120mm


Diameter 95mm Length 140mm


Diameter 45 mm Length 112


Diameter 80 mm length 118 mm


Diameter 30 mm Length 128 mm

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