The bulb that carries on for more than 115 years

It was initially installed in the fire station Livermore, California and has survived a turbulent century, seeing lights change the world. Built by the Shelby Electric Company, this incandescent bulb holds the world record of durability of a bulb, tested and certified on several occasions by external agents such as General Electric or the Guinness World Record Commitee. Four men throughout centuries of history have protected the fire, transportation and other vicissitudes, ensuring that the myth of the centennial light bulb should endure. The "Centennial Bulb" contained in the Guinness World Records, was hand blown by the Shelby Electric Company of Ohio, in the late 1890s and donated after the owner of that company the fire department in 1901 . It is a 60 watt bulb (although today its power does not exceed 4), hand blown with carbon filament, and is installed in the fire station number 6 Livermore, California. Scientists wonder how it is that has endured so long without going out. We know that was installed in June, though not the exact day. His "birthday" is celebrated, by convention, the 18th of that month. It is a relic of an era. In total, the bulb has been on for over 800,000 hours and can be seen running through a webcam but ironically, the webcam has recently had to be replaced by a new one.

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