Vintage table lamp with Edison bulbs, Alessandro Volta model, in honor of the inventor of the electric battery. Both cap bulbs and electrical cables are a reproduction of the design of the industrial era, metal case and cloth caps in the case of wires. The wood is reclaimed from supports loading from wineries in Galicia, also it has touch device for turn on and off the light. The bulbs used are a replica of Thomas Edison’s patent of 1910, they are made of filaments and provide a warm atmosphere providing a warm and welcoming light.

Vintage table lamp model Alessandro Volta

  • • Type of bulbs: incandescent bulbs E27 Edison, model A19

    • Voltage: 220-240V

    • Rated power of the bulbs: 40W

    • Number of bulbs: 2

    • Lamp total power: 80W

    • Base size (L x W x H) 14x9,5x23 cm

    • Lamp Size: 9x9x21 cm

    • Bulb size: 6x11 cm

    • Type caps: solid copper caps

    • Switch Type: Touch

    • Cable Type: Cable twisted golden fabric

    • Compatibility with 60W bulbs or LED bulbs: Yes

    • Support regulatory power: Yes

    • Lifetime of the bulb: over 3000 hours

    • Wood type: reclaimed wood supports loading a winery in Galicia.

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