Vintage table lamp with Edison bulbs model Nikola Tesla, named after the inventor of the alternating current, among other great inventions. It is a line of lamps inspired by the industrial era and made with centennial wood from Central Poland, used as a farmhouse and later a barn. Both copper cap bulbs and electrical cables are a reproduction of the design of the industrial era, using the materials of the time, copper caps and fabric in the case of wires. The bulbs used are a replica of Thomas Edison’s patent of 1910; they are made of filaments and provide a warm atmosphere providing a welcoming light. Unique piece handmade.

Vintage table lamp with centennial wood

  • • Type of bulbs: incandescent bulbs E27 Edison, model G58

    • Voltage: 220-240V

    • Rated power of the bulbs: 40W

    • Number of bulbs: 3

    • Lamp total power: 120W

    • Base size (length x width x height)  : 35X11X4,3 cm

    • Lamp size : 35x11x22 cm

    • Bulb Size: 5,8x13 cm

    • Type caps : solid copper 

    • Cable Type: gold-colored cloth

    • Switch type: click

    • Compatibility with 60W bulbs or LED bulbs: Yes

    • Support regulatory power: Yes

    • Lifetime of the bulb : over 3000 hours

    • Type of wood: 100 years old wood from Central Poland, used as a wooden house which was later converted in a barn.

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