Tomeko Design, we are a team of engineers and architects specializing in the design and manufacture of sustainable eco-lighting systems. Products that guarantee the durability in time through the combination of natural materials, with the most advanced technologies and efficient in the field of lighting. With the aim of creating unique solutions of light, for its capacity to transform and revalue each space.





The EkoTech line is a new concept of lamps that combines natural and organic materials such as wood with 2 different sources of light, high energy efficiency, class A ++.

At the bottom of the lamp are the aluminum LED spotlights, which allow the natural white light to focus on specific points in the space. While at the top, there is an RGB LED system, which allows you to choose from a range of 256 colors, by remote control.

What makes the EcoTech line a universal solution for all architectural spaces. Such as: hotels, restaurants, offices, galleries, events and of course for the home. In short, EcoTech line is a line of lamps that combines nature and technology, providing a minimalist and very functional design.


This line of lamps in retro style, is inspired by the great inventor of Serbian origin Nikola Tesla, "father" of the alternating current, among many other discoveries related to the electromagnetic field. Tesla patents and their theoretical work helped to forge the foundations of modern systems of electric power by alternating current.


With this new line we wanted to pay homage to one of the greatest inventors in history. The design is inspired by the industrial epoch and has been used recovered wood of more than 100 years old, providing its own identity and a history behind each object.

 The line includes a complete range of solutions for floors, walls, ceilings and tables. All lamps implement touch technology, which detects contact with the human body, and enables, turns on, turns off and adjusts the intensity of light by simply touching the metal surface of the lamp. Allowing to generate different light scenarios.